I’ve been thinking a lot about why I blog, what is my purpose, what motivates me?

I blog because

  1. It’s cathartic
  2. Having accountability means I will write more
  3. Hearing from other folks is a huge gift
  4. This blog helps me remember my anguish and suffering can be an encouragement to others on this path of life.
  5. My favorite reason – making a difference rocks!  🙂

What is my purpose?

  1. To give voice to my story
  2. To give encouragement, strength, hope, gratitude, peace to others.
  3. To honor those who have given the gifts mentioned in point 2 above, one example:
  4. To remind everyone of the spark of light that is within all of us.
  5. To remind everyone we can survive unthinkable circumstances and still live with dignity, remaining true to ones own spirit.

What motivates me?

  1. I did not receive all the help I needed along the way and wish to see this changed for others.
  2. I wish to share what I did receive with others.
  3. Gratitude
  4. I know what it is to feel the dark, cold hard floor of rock bottom.
  5. I have thought a time or two about monetizing my blog but do not wish inanimate objects or selfish gain to be motivators.  People matter, hearts matter, numbers, and statistics do not.

Writing helps me see things more clearly, it helps me discover patterns in my behavior and that of others.  It helps remind me of progress made when everything, everywhere I looked was dark and hopeless.

This blog helps make some sense out of the tragedy man is responsible for creating in the first place.

Written March 25, 2012

6 Responses to Why

  1. Your motivation is humbling; I don’t have half the gratitude or self-awareness you do. I’ve nominated you for an award: http://halfwaybetweenthegutter.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/one-lovely-blog-award-and-some-big-confessions/. No pressure to accept, I just thought you deserved a mention for being somebody I look up to in the blogging world.

    • Thank you so much, I am touched by your kindness and heart. I’ve always envisioned life as we’re all climbing the same mountain, hand in hand. Some folks are ahead of us, and some are behind us.

      Each person giving the help they have received along the way. 🙂

      You are a remarkably wise, strong and noble soul.

      And, I’d say your garden of gratitude and self-awareness is growing quite beautifully!

  2. Laurel Lewis says:

    So good to meet you and I’m so very impressed with your work and progress….your reasons are so valid and I do share many of them which I is what gets my butt out of bed each day, there has to be a bigger reason or something beautiful to come from all of this…I’ll walk with you on your journey….

    • I am pleased to meet you too, and am glad to have found you via http://buckwheatsrisk.com/, I am reading your blog with interest. Anyone who ventures back from abuse has a voice and a perspective like no other.

      Only we who have walked that path know the millions of little ways our lives were affected. I’m grateful you’re here to tell your story, and I, in return, will walk with you on your journey too.

      With many blessings, lots of love and buckets of peace, RH

  3. Joseph Anthony says:

    Hey Resilient~ Its Joseph Anthony (@savingfaceart on twitter) and since you left such kind words and I have always had trouble keeping anything brief, let alone 140 characters, I thought I would stop by read your blog and say hello. Quick bio: Married father of 5 children, wife is teacher and kids are 23, 16, 12, 7, 5 (Girls are youngest and oldest) I’m 42 but feel 142. I had a very healthy fun childhood and played every sport you can imagine suffering 3 documented concussions (5 is probably more accurate). I joined the Marine Corps, was sent to Desert Shield and Storm suffering 3 major concussions in 18 months with the most severe happening when an IED exploded within feet of me in Kuwait. Lost consciousness, and eyesight initially but luckily recovered vision and thought wow that was close. 3 years later was hit head-on at 70mph and enjoyed all the fun that comes with that type of impact. To my surprise I have no obvious indications (missing limbs, loss of function, large scars, etc) of these close calls with life, or so I thought. I self medicated with alcohol not understanding the depression, headaches, sensitivity to light, short term memory loss, and chronic debilitating pain was all caused by repeated trauma to the brain. Long story short I got sober (thanks to wife’s support and families unconditional love) and started to educate myself on my injuries. I struggle everyday with 1, 2, 3 or more of my wonderful issues but have learned to cope and have made accommodation’s that work for me (I write a lot of things down immediately). I speak to Veterans, High School students, Doctors, Parents, coaches and researchers regarding the symptoms and the importance of early recognition and preventative safety. Your blog is great and I look forward to communicating with you. Stay positive.


    • Hi Joseph Anthony! Although communicating via email I wanted to give you a shout out here too.

      You have been through SOOOOO much but appreciate your outlook on life, making positive changes for yourself and your family, and shining that light back into the world. That’s no small task. That makes you a hero in my book two times over – for your service to our country and for the inner work you’ve done and are doing.

      Yep, you’re pretty much a rock star in my book! 🙂

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