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Ready to Write

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Dad had been in and out of the hospital well over one month after he celebrated his 90th birthday.  My brother (Reluctant Heart) called with updates; I took frantic notes just as … Continue reading

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It’s Fried-day!

It has been a long week with Dad going from rehab back to the hospital to rehab and back to the hospital again.  As of this moment, he has been in ER all morning, having just gone back to rehab … Continue reading

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Dad at Hospital Again

Got the call from my oldest brother last night at 11:50 MT, saying he was on the way to pick up ex-step mom, Dad had been taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room for seizures.  They called back around 2:20 … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning: Still Recovering (posted Nov. 20, 2008)

Par for the course, sleep is off, sense of timing is way off, migraines have been common this week, more stubborn and pervasive than usual. Simple routines like remembering to cross days off the calendar are crucial since I have … Continue reading

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