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Insomnia, the cat, and crying at the kitchen table

I have been minimally surviving the last several day, re-living Dad’s dying is still so very painful to walk through again.  Add to that I have run out of sleep meds and there’s a snafu with the prescription, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Kitty Update: 3 Vet Visits in 3 Days

Phew!  Thursday, Friday were local vet visits for subcutaneous fluids, and, yesterday, fluids and acupuncture 65 miles away. OMG, stressed and exhausted!  All in all, Tux was pretty good about the shots.  I wish I could say I did as … Continue reading

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Time, TBI & Death

I hate death.  No.  Really.  I do.  I have not been on speaking terms with death since my Mom passed away when I was just 16, and she was in her early 50’s. My kitty with Kidney Disease had a … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning: On Blogging in General (posted Oct. 5, 2008)

One of the things bothering me lately as I Stumble Upon many blogs is I sense everyone is fighting for the spotlight, writing to be the latest guru, the most popular blog on the block. That stirring, that feeling is … Continue reading

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