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Loss and Brain Injury: One more layer of letting go

I’ve been offline quite a bit recently, just going through the motions of preparing for a move and taking items to our local auctioneer, resting more than usual, and icing my neck and shoulder.  I fell last week…so have been … Continue reading

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Day 5 with Dad (Sunday, April 21, 2013)

Day 5 with Dad (Sunday, April 21, 2013) Dad is declining, slowly.  Sometimes his hands and feet are warm, and sometimes they’re cold as ice.  I know this is a natural process and I appreciate the comfort, confidence and calmness … Continue reading

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Kitty Update: 3 Vet Visits in 3 Days

Phew!  Thursday, Friday were local vet visits for subcutaneous fluids, and, yesterday, fluids and acupuncture 65 miles away. OMG, stressed and exhausted!  All in all, Tux was pretty good about the shots.  I wish I could say I did as … Continue reading

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Time, TBI & Death

I hate death.  No.  Really.  I do.  I have not been on speaking terms with death since my Mom passed away when I was just 16, and she was in her early 50’s. My kitty with Kidney Disease had a … Continue reading

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Anniversary, Traumaversary or Survivorversary

I swore I wouldn’t blog about this, but as much as I tried to avoid it yesterday, the little wounded heart and brain both said, “It was 10 years ago today…and we still hurt.” Ten years ago yesterday another unfortunate … Continue reading

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Time Capsule/Snap Shot from 2003

[This was written in 2003, almost one year to the date of being rear-ended on the freeway.  I thought this writing was long since lost.  Before the accident I started a group and we went through Cheryl Richardson’s book “Take … Continue reading

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A Milestone: Facing End-of-Life

My Step Mom called Friday night, I didn’t get her message until Saturday and called right away.  Dad was taken to the Emergency Room back home, he looked awful, she said, like death warmed over, he was short of breath … Continue reading

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