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Amy Grant’s Beautiful Quote about Dementia

I came across a quote I wrote down on a tiny piece of paper while waiting at the Doctor’s office last year.  I started to type it up to keep here on my computer but thought it was a keeper … Continue reading

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This Beautiful Community

I had heard of this community’s generosity last year at a doctor’s appointment.  The nurse and I were talking and she said this community raised a hefty sum of money for a woman who needed a specialized wheelchair.  No one … Continue reading

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Will You Send Your Love?

If you pray, pray.  If you send intentions, intend away.  Energy?  Warm thoughts?  Anything positive, and if you feel so moved, please do. I had a different post in mind but it got derailed after reading an e-friend’s blog and … Continue reading

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911: Somewhere in Between Heroic and Horrific

While I have been off-line refocusing my life and redirecting my energies to greater self-care, I continue to try to read blogs I am following.  Two in particular I read today touched my heart, both are regarding 9/11.  This is … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning: Do You See My Heart? One Beautiful Transformed Life! (posted July 12, 2009)

A couple weeks ago I met and pet sat my neighbor’s animal family for the first time. Two small dogs, and two indoor-only cats. The two cats and one of the dogs took to me immediately. The little dachshund, not … Continue reading

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