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Day 3 (continued) and Day 4 with Dad

[Please note the actual events happened on the days and dates in parenthesis.  I really had great intentions of communicating this to you, dear readers, but like many thoughts lately, it’s there and then, poof, it’s gone!  I’m sorry for … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz Would Be Proud!

Those were the words I said to my doctor today as she went over the results from last week’s blood work, I was shocked, but in a good way.  My HDL, LDL, and Triglyceride numbers are all in Dr. Oz’s … Continue reading

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Dad and Assisted Living

Having just called our referral agent on Monday with more details of Dad’s finances, she hit the ground running and by that afternoon she had two assisted living communities for my Step-Mom and brother to look at on Tuesday. They … Continue reading

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TBI & Another Layer of Letting Go: Possessions

Since moving here two years ago I’ve kept several boxes of things I could sell on eBay, They’re still in boxes, well-labeled, but nothing else has been done with them.  I admit, it’s an odd place to be – looking … Continue reading

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Neuropsych Test Results

Although I saw my Neurologist two days ago, I spent yesterday in bed with a headache and most of this morning with a headache hangover. I still feel a little bit out of it. I’m not sure what to think … Continue reading

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