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Will You Send Your Love?

If you pray, pray.  If you send intentions, intend away.  Energy?  Warm thoughts?  Anything positive, and if you feel so moved, please do. I had a different post in mind but it got derailed after reading an e-friend’s blog and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Holidays and Stuffing

Hi everyone, This gets to be a crazy busy time of the year here in the states due to the holidays which really get going prior to Thanksgiving.  Why?  Stuff. It’s a time of turkey and stuffing, stuffing ourselves and … Continue reading

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Texting Can Wait Documentary

It is rare I urge folks to do something, but this is one video everyone must see.  AT & T produced a documentary on the devastating, and sometimes deadly, consequences of texting and driving. Texting can wait.  This powerful, powerful … Continue reading

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Rippling Effects of Suicide

[Written Saturday morning] Richard and I went to a garage sale at our neighbor’s house this morning; I was excited to get out of the house and go to a sale or two.  To my surprise I found some really … Continue reading

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Why I Said No to Suicide [updated May 23, 2012]

(Written several weeks ago, I had hoped to post it sooner, but have been offline more often than online.) A previous post mentions a person threatening suicide on Facebook.  There is probably nothing else on earth I take more seriously … Continue reading

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Facebook, Betrayal, and a Web of Lies

While I have been dealing with my own and my Dad’s health issues, I’ve been offline quite a bit. One thing that had kept me engaged online was a young girl I met on Facebook in a support group.  At … Continue reading

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I realized I had left out some of the quotes that made an incredible difference in my perspective on depression in myself and helped develop greater compassion for others. Although all stories touched my heart, I found Andrew Solomon’s words … Continue reading

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“Depression: Out of the Shadows” – Powerful PBS Documentary

[Although this was posted in my ‘Back to the Beginning’ posts, dated June 2010, I wanted to re-post it because I watched the video again online and there is so much great information, I HAVE to mention it again.  I … Continue reading

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