Upcoming BIAA Webinar – July 19, 2012 @ 3 p.m. ET – Get Things Done and Have Some Fun with Smart Devices

Thursday, July 19, 2012, at 3 p.m. ET:
Michelle Ranae Wild, M.A., Caregiver’s Education Series

Registration Price: $30
Continuing Education awarded: 1 hour

Registration closes at 5 p.m. ET on July 17.

Click here for more information. Information on how to join the webinar will be sent to registrants on July 18.

Get Things Done and Have Some Fun with Smart Devices – Caregiver’s Education Series Live Webinar

Part of the Caregiver’s Education Series. Michelle Ranae Wild returns in this follow-up webinar to her very popular Technology as a Cognitive Prosthetic webinar.

To help get things done, we will explore to-do/task apps available, including the native Reminders app that comes standard in iOS devices. The to-do apps can be used to track such things as shopping lists, individual tasks (e.g. buy gift for Lisa’s birthday), and projects that include multiple sub-tasks.

Then, for having some fun, a number of game apps will be demonstrated. An emphasis will be placed on how the games demonstrated work on various cognitive skills (e.g. planning, sequencing, attention to detail, memory, etc).

Most of the apps discussed during the Webinar can be purchased and downloaded for Apple iOS and Android smart devices.

This lecture will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the to-do apps demonstrated; identify at least one non-native to-do app, and explain what additional functionality it offers as compared to native to-dp apps (reminders); and, list at least three games and identify what cognitive skills they work on.

The webinar will take place on July 19, 2012: 3:00pm – 4:00pm eastern time 2:00pm – 3:00pm central time 1:00pm – 2:00pm mountain time 12:00 noon – 1:00pm pacific time.

Please review the order confirmation e-mail for details about webinar instructions and handout materials. Cancellations received in writing by 5:00 pm Eastern Time two business days prior to the webinar will be refunded, less a $5.00 administrative fee; after that time no refunds will be issued.

You may substitute a registrant or may apply the live webinar fee to the purchase of the CD & Handout package for the webinar, provided that you notify BIAA (products@biausa.org) in writing no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Time the day before the webinar.

No Shows: There are no refunds and the webinar price cannot be applied to the CD & Handout package for those missing the webinar. Registration closes at 5:00pm EST on July 17, 2012.


About Resilient Heart

TBI x3, that's me! If you had a Traumatic Brain Injury (or Injuries!) and knew you might not remember dates, events, people, etc., would you live each day differently? Would you give more, forgive more, heal more? I am. The statistics for me developing Dementia or Alzheimer's is a high possibility - one, because of the TBIs, and two - because I'm genetically predisposed. Come with me as this present moment is all we know we have... Wishing you all the best - today & always. Blessings, Love & Peace, RH
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