Back to the Beginning: Meet Patches (posted July 5, 2010)

Having slept all day (migraine, eye pain), I was unable to sleep tonight. I saw the beautiful sunset, picked up my camera and decided to get a view from the front deck. Much to my surprise, this little fella was standing just below our deck.

Richard and I met Patches several months ago, coming up our driveway he wasn’t the slightest bit concerned about our presence. I nicknamed him Patches because of the two big patches of fur missing which made it very easy to distinguish him from the other deer at the time.

Surprisingly he also allowed for this photo to be taken as he was walking down the steps:

I am well aware though he doesn’t seem to mind us humans being in his home area that he is still an unpredictable wild animal to be respected. We don’t have that weird notion he needs to be made into our personal pet!

While we love his coming to visit from time to time we are mindful there are those who prefer shooting of a different kind, hunting season or not. We have to be careful of our interactions and do the best for him. Most of the other deer he was hanging out with have moved on, but Patchy seems to rather like it here, we enjoy him.

I did have to get a little closer to him today to shoo him out of the garden. How redundant is that, Patches in the patch – LOL! I didn’t want to spook him too much and it worked out that just enough movement on my part created enough pressure for him to go back out the way he came (through the gate we’d inadvertently left open.) That was pretty scary to me, that’s the closest I’d been to him, he one one side of the raspberry bush and me on the other!

About Resilient Heart

TBI x3, that's me! If you had a Traumatic Brain Injury (or Injuries!) and knew you might not remember dates, events, people, etc., would you live each day differently? Would you give more, forgive more, heal more? I am. The statistics for me developing Dementia or Alzheimer's is a high possibility - one, because of the TBIs, and two - because I'm genetically predisposed. Come with me as this present moment is all we know we have... Wishing you all the best - today & always. Blessings, Love & Peace, RH
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