Back to the Beginning: Company’s Comin’ (posted July 10, 2010)

On Tuesday Richard will drive the 60+ mile trip to pick up his nephew and his fiance, do a little shopping, and then return home. We’re not planning on my going because we both know full well it’s probably too much for me. I’m such a lightweight!

When I lived in my house in Bremerton I hadn’t had company stay with me since I think it was 2004 or 2005, and that, dear friends, did not go well! After the first day I was fried, I mean cracked open, deep fried, fried, fried! Once a Brain Injured person reaches that place, it can take days or weeks to recover. The fact I had company and was working a lot meant going below the brain buck poverty line. Not a smart way to go, but sometimes it’s just surviving with TBI. Gosh, within days of that visit I couldn’t see out of one of my eyes because the pupil had dilated. A trip to the Neurologist and my concern I’d done more Brain Injury somehow confirmed having company there was too much. Yep, lightweight I is!

So we’ll see how it goes this time, I don’t expect any troubles, but Brain Injury can sneak up and bite you on the tail feathers when you least expect it.

The brain drain usually begins before people arrive, all the preparations, cleaning, etc. And heck, since a lot of my stuff was still in the guest room from March, we were ill-prepared for people actually wanting to stay for more than just a few minutes! Now my boxes are in the living area downstairs. My gosh, that stuff has traveled more since I got here than the initial trip! Need to find a space for my stuff, no shuffling and finally get things organized enough to know where things are (another thing not so good for us bears of little brains – as Winnie the Pooh would say.)

I was able to finally afford getting my bicycles fixed up (yes, I have three…I always had extras because living near the lake in Bremerton I figured folks could stay with me and we could go riding…all this before Brain Injury came to visit.) At any rate, whether I can go or not, we now have four bikes, including Richard’s and helmets. They can go out and have fun.

The guest room looks nice, my horse books are still in there for now, again I need to find a better space for it. My vaquero horsemanship stuff is by far my most treasured things I own.

About Resilient Heart

TBI x3, that's me! If you had a Traumatic Brain Injury (or Injuries!) and knew you might not remember dates, events, people, etc., would you live each day differently? Would you give more, forgive more, heal more? I am. The statistics for me developing Dementia or Alzheimer's is a high possibility - one, because of the TBIs, and two - because I'm genetically predisposed. Come with me as this present moment is all we know we have... Wishing you all the best - today & always. Blessings, Love & Peace, RH
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