Back to the Beginning: MRI (posted Mar. 30, 2009)

I rested before going to the MRI, even my little grey kitty snuggied for a little time before I had to go. Oh the comfort and companionship animals bring.

My brain must have been very tired this morning, as I cried during the little bit of the Today Show I did manage to watch. (I’m having to limit time on the computer and TV, it’s just too much right now, back to the silent world.) At any rate, crying has been an end of the day sort of occurrence so far.

The MRI went well this morning, I’m glad to have that behind me now. It was loud, very loud.

I did have an MRI in the emergency room in 2005, after having company stay with me (behold the power of stress and overload of TBI). I was so exhausted I slept through that one and don’t remember the procedure at all.

I tried to lie still although my body would have mini jolts each time the noise started (this is despite music playing headphones.) While lying there I tried to (ugh, what’s the word?!)…identify (that’s it!) and name the different sounds so I could handle the noise. I called one Jack Hammer, that’s the only one I can remember right now…

I had a report to get done and started on it after I got home, slow going it was. I had to take breaks, one was an hour for an intended nap, timer set, instead of sleeping, the tears came again. I am working on acceptance of this even slower pace, and letting the tears be okay…

I’m planning on getting more rest and/or sleep tonight, maybe up my meds as the neurologist said I could do.

Blessings everyone.

About Resilient Heart

TBI x3, that's me! If you had a Traumatic Brain Injury (or Injuries!) and knew you might not remember dates, events, people, etc., would you live each day differently? Would you give more, forgive more, heal more? I am. The statistics for me developing Dementia or Alzheimer's is a high possibility - one, because of the TBIs, and two - because I'm genetically predisposed. Come with me as this present moment is all we know we have... Wishing you all the best - today & always. Blessings, Love & Peace, RH
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